In This Section

A key part of the Upenyu philosophy is partnership with local institutions to ensure that our work has community support and investment. In Zimbabwe, this means using existing pathways to support the goals of our programs.

We work with all levels of government, from national to local, as well as with existing education and health infrastructures. Our partners provide expertise and facilitate community interaction.

National Government:

  • Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
  • Ministry of Education, Sport, and Culture
  • National Institute for Health Research

Provincial Government:
  • Provincial Education Director
  • Provincial Medical Director

District Government:
  • District Medical Officer
  • District Nursing Officer
  • District Education Officer
  • Head Community Nurse
  • Head Environmental Health Technician

Local Government:
  • Ward Councillors
  • Village Headmen

  • Headmasters
  • School Development Committee
  • Health Masters

Medical Facilities:
  • Local Clinic Head Nurse
  • Local Hospital Medical Staff
  • District Hospital Medical Staff