Nyadire Mission

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Nyadire United Methodist Hospital is a religious charitable hospital located in northeastern Zimbabwe, near the border between Mutoko and Murewa Districts in Mashonaland East Province. Nyadire Hospital's catchment area includes four wards in Mutoko and Murewa Districts.

Nyadire Hospital was one of the first departments of Nyadire United Methodist Mission, which was founded in 1923 by Samuel Gurney and named for the river that marks its border. Since then Nyadire Mission has grown to include an orphanage, primary school, secondary school, teacher's college, nursing/midwife college, and farm - in fact the biggest farm in Zimbabwe, composing 2,000 acres.

Nyadire is Upenyu's host in the Mutoko community and Upenyu's primary collaborator. It is through Nyadire's infrastructure that therapeutic feeding will be implemented (read more here), and in partnership with Nyadire nurses and healthcare workers that schistosomiasis control will be implemented in the catchment area and beyond.

Upenyu is indebted to Nyadire Mission and to the United Methodist Church for its support, and in particular to Dr. Kasombo Tshiani, medical superintendent of Nyadire Hospital.